Senator Bob Menendez

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 The stakes have never been higher

Drug companies take advantage of us. CEO’s put profits over patients. The gun lobby buys politicians. Corporations get tax breaks — the middle class pays the price. Social Security and Medicare are threatened. College debt is crippling. People coming here seeking freedom are demonized. Women’s rights are at risk. The president spews hate and division.

That’s why we need a Senator who is there for us. Every. Single. Time.

Bob Menendez. Our Senator.

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Josh Welle for Congress


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Raised in Central Jersey, Afghanistan Veteran, Ready to Serve out of uniform

Having served this country on the front lines, I know that this Democracy that we have is special and worth defending. We deserve a government that works for all people. Sailors came from all walks of life, different religions, ethnicities, and political parties. We were united in a call to service, giving our lives for something bigger than ourselves.

I was born in Trenton and raised in Wall Township. I didn’t have money for college so the Naval Academy gave me opportunity. 9/11 happened when I was a senior and me and my friends deployed for over a decade to protect the Constitution and the rights that it enshrined for all. Now I am ready to serve out of uniform to:

  • Ensure access to affordable and quality healthcare for every American.
  • Protect a women’s right to make her own healthcare decisions and fight for equal rights for the LGBTQ community.
  • Bring jobs back to NJ and lower taxes so people can afford to live here, raise their families here and retire here.

This campaign does not take money from corporate PACS.

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